Sunday, November 16, 2014

Burnaby Flatfield 3D Shoot // November

Just have to share what a gorgeous, sunshine-y day it was today out at the Burnaby flatfield 3D shoot!  It was pretty chilly, but I wasn't going to complain.  As long as it wasn't raining, I'm good.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outdoor Range // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

Remembrance Day was a stat holiday for us, so with no work, Steve and I were able to get to the outdoor range at Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club for some practice.  Here's the photographic evidence that the sun does actually come out in BC! :)  It was so nice to get outside and get some (chilly) air.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Late Night Paper Tuning

You can tune a bow anywhere... :)  Just a photo from a little late night paper tuning party going on in our garage this evening.  This is where Steve and I are constantly tuning and doing maintenance on our bows...our garage.  It's a convenient walk down the stairs complete with a bow press and everything handy!

Steve and our friend Andy set up Andy's bow this evening and now it's shooting like a dream...

Andy and Steve paper tuning in our garage...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Burnaby Flatfield 3D Shoot // October

Yesterday we went to the October Flatfield 3D shoot hosted by the Burnaby Archers at the Burnaby Lake Archery Range.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had fun catching up with other people from our club as well as meeting some new "archery" friends!  Looking forward to the next shoot in November!

Steve placed 3rd (Mens Compound Fixed Pins)
Cecilia placed 2nd (Womens Compound Fixed Pins)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hunter Scoring 3D Shoot // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

This past weekend was Steve's birthday!  We celebrated with friends on Saturday by having a group shoot for a couple hours at our club's indoor range. (you can see photos on the previous blog post!). Then the following day (Steve' birthday) our club was hosting a Hunter Scoring 3D Shoot... so what better way to spend your birthday (according to Steve) than to shoot your bow all day long!  Sounds good to me.

We met up with one of our friends, Andy, who is also a member of Semiahmoo and did a couple rounds throughout the day of the 3D course.  The hardest part was the hunter scoring... it's different than the usual scoring at a 3D shoot -  if you hit the animal target anywhere in the heart or lungs area, you scored a 10, BUT if you ended up hitting the rest of the body you would get a MINUS 5... so you literally could end up with a negative score!  (yikes!)  That -5 really played with my head... and I was dreading the results, but it turned out alright.

Steve placed 2nd for Mens Hunter Compound with a perfect 210 score! (Super proud of him!)  There was a shoot off at the end for the guys that all tied up at the end of the day.   I ended up placing 3rd for Womens Hunter Compound and was pretty happy with that considering the scoring was a lot lower than my usual average.  (Not a fan of "hunter scoring"... although it did make for some great competition and laughs!)

Steve Flaming
Andy Uyeno
Andy Uyeno
Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming, Andy Uyeno
Andy Uyeno
Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Andy Uyeno
Cecilia Flaming
PSE Nova
Final shoot off of the day...
Final shoot off for the day...
Final shoot off for the day...
Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club
Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

Happy Birthday Steve!
Later that evening, after the 3D shoot was over, our club held a BBQ for all of Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club Members!  Here's just a few shots from the evening...

Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club BBQ
Receiving hunting awards
Receiving hunting awards...
Some of the hunting awards given out that evening...

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Steve's Birthday // Group Archery Shoot

Tomorrow is Steve's 31st Birthday... so we had a bunch of our friends get together with us and booked a couple hours at our club's range at Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club!  It was really fun having friends shoot with us, even for those that haven't tried archery yet.  Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Steve's birthday with us... it was great!

Here's a few photos I snapped with my camera (Nikon D300s)...
Brad, Corinna and Wes
L: Steve Flaming
R: Brad and Corinna
L: Evan checking out his arm guard
R: Steve Flaming
L: Leanna
R: Sarah, Corinna
L: Steve
R: Steve, Wes and Brad
L: Greg
R: Wes
Brad and Sarah
L: Rylin checking out some arrows
R: Brad and Sarah
Cecilia Flaming
Wes and Brad
Steve Flaming
Wes and Darwin
All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming