Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bowtech S.W.A.T. // Steve's New Bow

Just wanted to share a pic of Steve's new Bowtech compound bow!  With all the back and forth getting his Bear compound fixed this summer he was really excited that this package arrived after being out a bow for a few weeks.  His Bear compound was giving him a lot of grief...  We have so many 3D shoots happening this summer that Steve wasn't going to miss out on any more... so he found a deal on a Bowtech S.W.A.T. through eBay of all places.

So here's introducing his new bow... a Bowtech S.W.A.T.!   It will probably be designated as his hunting bow later one things are sorted out, but so far he's enjoying it... It shoots smoother and quieter than the Bear!

Bowtech SWAT, bare bow straight out of the box!