Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Morning Practice // Steve's New Bow

Currently, our Saturday mornings are spent at the indoor range at our club.  Steve and I are both doing the 2015 Indoor Mailmatch (a competition held yearly for the first 12 weeks of the year).  Competitors shoot a round each week and in the end the six best scores for each archer are averaged and sent in.  This way you are competing against everyone in Canada... without having to travel!

When Steve was looking for my Mathews Conquest 4, he was intending to find one for himself... the draw length was too short and I took it. :)  Steve still liked my Mathews so much that he ended up finding another Conquest 4 for himself.  Here's just s couple photos during practice of Steve shooting his new bow! (after we shot our mail match).  

Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Abbotsford Indoor 3D Shoot

This morning we headed out to the Abbotsford Agriplex to the indoor 3D shoot hosted by the Sagittarius Archers.  This was my very first 3D shooting my new Mathews Conquest 4 bow and I ended up shooting better than I expected!  I was actually tied for 1st place most of the day with another girl and in the end was bumped down to 2nd place (which I'm still super happy with).

Steve tied up with a few other guys in his category for first, so they ended up having a shoot off at the end of the day!

Please excuse the low-quality photos... I only brought my iPhone along this time! :)

View of the Abbotsford indoor 3D course from the stands...

The moose was the final target of the course... and I scored a 10!

For a while I was tied for 1st place, but that didn't last long...

The guy's category/scores

The final shoot off for the guys who all scored 150's

I left with a 2nd place ribbon! (Womens' Compound Fixed Pin)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mathews Conquest 4 // Cecilia's New Bow

Just before Christmas, Steve found a Mathews Conquest 4 bow on Archery Talk that he was really intending to buy for himself, but the specs were pretty much all set up for me - the draw length, poundage... so I ended up "taking" it from him.  He actually said you could shoot this bow! so the idea was planted by him in the first place, hah!. :)  (It's also BLUE!  Who can't appreciate a great colour?)

Well, it finally arrived!!!  My "new to me" Mathews Conquest 4 bow.  This evening, Steve and I drove out to the shop to paper tune and sight it in and I'm already in love.  Unfortunately this means my PSE Nova is going to get neglected... a lot.

I'm going to test it out tomorrow morning for our MailMatch at the club and hopefully I'll get a bit more practice in before the next 3D shoot!

Please excuse the crappy quality of the photo... it's from our iPhone!
Barebow, straight out of the bow!