Friday, January 9, 2015

Mathews Conquest 4 // Cecilia's New Bow

Just before Christmas, Steve found a Mathews Conquest 4 bow on Archery Talk that he was really intending to buy for himself, but the specs were pretty much all set up for me - the draw length, poundage... so I ended up "taking" it from him.  He actually said you could shoot this bow! so the idea was planted by him in the first place, hah!. :)  (It's also BLUE!  Who can't appreciate a great colour?)

Well, it finally arrived!!!  My "new to me" Mathews Conquest 4 bow.  This evening, Steve and I drove out to the shop to paper tune and sight it in and I'm already in love.  Unfortunately this means my PSE Nova is going to get neglected... a lot.

I'm going to test it out tomorrow morning for our MailMatch at the club and hopefully I'll get a bit more practice in before the next 3D shoot!

Please excuse the crappy quality of the photo... it's from our iPhone!
Barebow, straight out of the bow!

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