Monday, February 16, 2015

Cloverdale Indoor 3D Shoot // Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Valentine's Indoor 3D Shoot at the Cloverdale Agriplex and I have TONS of photos to share with you... well, I've narrowed them down a bit, but you can view ALL of them in the online gallery HERE!  (if you came out to the indoor shoot, feel free to download any photos you'd like from the gallery)

Lets just say that I am SOOOOO tired after 2 full days of 3D archery.  I think we ended up shooting 4 rounds Sunday alone! (It was just that much fun!).

Here are the photos for Day 2...

Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
LEFT: Steve Flaming
Our group tallying up scores... (my camera was used by a couple others throughout the day too!)
Guys waiting for the final results of the Grand Prix...
Grand Prix shoot off...
waiting for their final grand prix shoot results!
ribbons for winners in each category!
All in all, the weekend was great!

I managed to get 1st place in Womens Compound Fixed Pins on Saturday (Day 1) and 2nd place on Sunday (Day 2)!  Hopefully my luck will last for Nationals coming up in March! :)

Want to see more photos?  
You can check out photos from the entire weekend at the February 3D Valentine's Shoot in my online gallery HERE!

All Images © 2015 Cecilia Flaming

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