Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Canadian Indoor 3D Championships // Silver!

I am SUPER excited that I placed 2nd in the Compound Fixed Pins category at the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships this past weekend!  It was a privilege and fantastic experience to shoot alongside so many AMAZING and TALENTED archers from all across Canada.  I definitely gained some experience, learned A LOT and even picked up some helpful pointers from some experts! :)

The whole experience, from volunteering through our club (Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club) who hosted the event, to shooting in the competition (and getting to meet some really talented archers!), was a lot of fun and I'm a bit disappointed that it's all over! :)

Big thank you to Black Eagle Arrows for my awesome Outlaw arrows! They were tough and durable... and held up all weekend!

Here's a few photos as a recap of my weekend! You can see ALL of the photos from the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in the online gallery HERE.

I had the chance to shoot with these two lovely ladies all weekend!
L to R: Erin McGladdery, Cecilia Flaming, Crystal Duncan

Photo by: Lester Lightstone
Day 1 - scoring and shooting on Courses B and A
Thanks to Kayla for snapping these photos with my camera! :)
Day 2 on the dreaded, tough Course C.
Finally got to wear my shooter's jersey and represent Black Eagle Arrows! :)

Photo by: Steve Flaming
Day 2 - it was an honor to shoot with these two ladies and stand on the podium with them both!
GOLD: Erin McGladdery, SILVER: Cecilia Flaming, BRONZE: Crystal Duncan

Left Photo by: Steve Flaming, Right Photo: Thanks to Rob for taking it!

Want to see more photos?  You can check out photos from the entire weekend at the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in my online gallery HERE

Monday, March 23, 2015

Canadian Indoor 3D Championships // Sunday

I'm posting this a day later simply because after yesterday, I was soooo TIRED.  Steve and I crawled up the stairs last night after clean up and went straight to sleep.  No time to upload photos, I would have fallen asleep at my computer, ha!

Yesterday was the last day of the Canadian Indoor 3D Championshops at the Cloverdale Agriplex... and I can't believe it's over now.  I kind of miss it! (haha).  After all of the prep and volunteering and set up, and shooting over the weekend, the fun is all over...

Steve and I had only one flight left Sunday and it was on Course C.  Most of the competitors' scores were lower on that course, so we already knew going into it that it would be more difficult than the first two.

Steve had his last flight 9am.  I didn't have my flight till 11am so I had the chance to watch him shoot and take some photos.  The whole line was pretty serious compared to the atmosphere in the main building the day before.  Course C definitely had everyone focused and quieter than usual. I was able to take some photos in both buildings, walking back and forth from Course C and A/B.

Steve Flaming - my husband shooting his last flight!
L: Steve Flaming
The awesome volunteers at the merchandise table selling hoodies and t-shirts!

After his flight, I had a bit of time to practice and then it was my turn... and it definitely felt like a challenge.  I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun shooting the first two flights on Saturday, and on this course I felt stressed.  Most of the longer shots (up to around 45-50 yards) were on this course and it really made you focus more on the distance and getting the right shot.  I was disappointed to actually completely miss one of the targets (ended up so stressed I picked the wrong pin in my sight!) but it was a learning experience and my first time shooting in Nationals, so I won't dwell too much on it.  I made a mistake and that happens.  I really rushed that shot and if I had taken my time, I might have done better.

Here's some photos that Steve took during my flight...

Representing Black Eagle Arrows at Nationals!
L to R: Crystal Duncan, Erin McGladdery, Cecilia Flaming
Got to shoot with these two lovely ladies all weekend!
Cecilia Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
After the dreaded Course C we were finished, and all we could do was wait for the final scores to be added up and then find out who were the archers chosen for the Grand Prix.  They chose the top 8 (ladies and men) in compound and trad/recurve for the Grand Prix shoot off.  I was asked to take photos down on the line, so I got a close up view of the shooters and managed to capture some fun photos.  Some members in our club were able to hook up a video IMAG (image magnification) set up and everyone in the bleachers were able to see the shots close up on a large TV.  It was pretty neat to hear the reactions from the crowd - you knew when someone was dead on the X or close.  :)

Angela Foley
Cynthia Williams
Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club Volunteers: Mike, Mich and Jerrad
Erin McGladdery and Cynthia Williams
Cynthia Williams
Bryan Harper
Finally, the day ended with the Awards Ceremony.  I hope I managed to capture everyone in each category who received medals!

Steve placed 14th which is awesome, because he has quite a few guys to compete against in Compound Fixed Pins!  I ended up in 2nd place and took home a silver medal (I had a much smaller group of ladies to compete against).  My only goal was not to be last, since it was my first Nationals.  (I have to be competitive in some sort of way, haha!).  But definitely was in awe of some of the AMAZING and TALENTED shooters that were at Nationals...  I was able to pick up some great pointers and meet a lot of new shooters from all over Canada.

Had a great time shooting with these two lovely ladies! Erin McGladdery took home gold, Cecilia Flaming (me) silver and Crystal Duncan with a bronze!  Congrats to both of you, you were both great to shoot with all weekend.  (Our group definitely had FUN).
The Grand Prix Winners!

The day didn't end there... of course everything needed to be cleaned up - but I didn't take any photos.  Just wanted to give a big shout out to all of the volunteers from Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club that spent hours planning, working, painting, prep, setting up, loading trucks and more... without everyone involved, we wouldn't have been able to pull off such a great event!

THANK YOU to all of the SPONSORS who supported and donated prizes for the weekend!  (hope I didn't miss anyone...)

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Want to see more photos?  You can check out photos from the entire weekend at the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in my online gallery HERE