Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships // Setting up...

This year, in conjunction with Archery Canada, our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club is hosting the 2015 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships!

We spent the day today helping to set up the 3 courses at the Cloverdale Agriplex and Show Barn for the weekend.  Looking forward to it and can't wait for the weekend!  Tomorrow (Friday), registration, tech inspection and practice begins and then Saturday morning the first of many flights!

Here's just some photos I snapped during set up of volunteers and the whole process!  A lot of volunteers from our club have put in many hours of their time to help plan, prep and set up, here's just a glimpse of what was all involved in setting up for Nationals...

Some of the guys that volunteered all day to help set up the courses...
Course C
Steve helping to set up the backdrop behind the Moose!
One of the backdrops I painted!
Another backdrop I painted for the Caribou target...
Painted these two backgrounds as well...
Can't believe how BIG the moose is!!!
Bob cutting down some wood for target stands
Leopard target (background that I painted in our garage!) haha
Stan and Steve setting up another backdrop
Stan, Bob and Steve
Caribou target
Caribou, Leopard and Polar Bear
Part of Course C set up...
Backdrop in main building for Course A and B
Doug and Max setting up the backdrop for the practice range
Sheep in Course C
Course C
Shane, Stan and Jerrad
Cloverdale Agriplex (Main Building) for Course A and B
Canadian Indoor 3D Championships Logo - painted by Steve Flaming
Bob and Max worked on the long background in Course A and B
Targets in the practice range (donated by Bulldog Targets!)
Building platforms for 3D targets
Steve, Doug and John
Steve working on a platform for Course A
Practice range is set up!
One of the platforms built
Course A
Want to see more photos?  You can check out photos from the entire weekend at the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in my online gallery HERE

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