Saturday, March 21, 2015

Canadian Indoor 3D Championships // Saturday

Today was the first day of competition.  There were four flights throughout the day and thankfully I didn't have to shoot till 1:00pm.

We arrived at the Cloverdale Agriplex early in the morning (with Starbucks in hand) to watch the first Flight of archers shoot, practice a bit and for the Opening Ceremonies.

First flight of the day...
Practice Range
Steve Flaming practicing...
Part of Course A
The Cadets lead in with each of the Province and Territories' flags, followed by the Canadian national anthem sung by Mackenzie.  (she did a fantastic job!)

Cadets walking in with flags of all the provinces and territories...
Mackenzie singing the National Anthem
After some intros from various people and the judges, Brock Paton shot the "official" first arrow and the Nationals officially were underway!

Brock Paton shooting the first arrow
I didn't get a chance to take as many photos as I would have liked to on the first day of shooting... I did however manage to capture some practice shots and the first flight.  Steve and I ended up shooting at the same time for our first two flights.  I got a few photos here and there... but a big thanks to Kayla (from Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club) who was able to take some awesome photos during that time!

Practice Range
Practice Range 
During the morning's first Flight
Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming
Thanks to Kayla for taking this shot during scoring!
Cecilia Flaming
L: Steve Flaming
L: Some of the AWESOME prizes that will be given away!
R: Gus taking a nap after a longggg day
At the end of the day I believe I managed to stay in second place (by a few points) in my category... My only goal for the weekend was to not be last since this is my first Nationals! :)  haha... start small.   I was pretty happy with how I shot today on Course A and B, my score stayed consistent, but Course C will probably drop my average.  It's the dreaded difficult course and a lot of shooters who tackled it today said it was tough!  (Most of the further, longer shots are on that course).  Either way, I had a blast today, it was a lot of fun!  The two ladies (Erin McGladdery, Crystal Duncan) that I am shooting with this weekend are lovely and really made it enjoyable to shoot with them, so I'm sure we'll have a great time tomorrow as well!

Big thanks to Black Eagle Arrows for the awesome arrows!  I've been shooting the Outlaws so far and they are treating me well!  Also this is one of the first few 3D shoots using my new Mathews Conquest 4 (bought it in January), and it's shooting like a dream compared to my old bow, so I'm pretty excited.

Steve ended up shooting very well today too... not sure of his placing yet (his category has a lot of guys in it! LOTS) but he bought a new Stan Shootoff release THIS MORNING and used it for both flights with only a few minutes practice on it!  Here's a couple photos of him testing it out at Battlefords' table...

Steve getting his new Stan Shootoff release set up at Battlefords' store!

Want to see more photos?  You can check out photos from the entire weekend at the Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in my online gallery HERE

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