Friday, March 13, 2015

Painting for Nationals // 3D Target Backdrops

Our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club, is hosting this year's Canadian Indoor 3D Championships.  Steve and I have been volunteering to help organize and plan the event.  In preparation for the event courses - I painted some backgrounds for the 3D target animals that will be used on the courses!  I really enjoy painting and it was fun to be able to paint a few backdrops in our garage!

Here's a few photos of the process that I took here and there when I was painting (Check back after Nationals - I'll add in final photos from the boards on the actual course into this post after the Championships are done!)

First background I tackled was one for the HUGE Rinehart Moose target... It took up three OSB boards...

Painted the 3 panel wide Moose background in my garage!
Here's the final background behind the Moose target at Nationals!
 Next is the background for the Rinehart Caribou target!  This one was 2 panels wide and didn't really take that much time to finish! :)
Painted the 2 panel Caribou background in my garage...
Final Caribou background painting finished!
Caribou background at Nationals behind the target!
The Leopard background was super easy to paint... just did a bunch of grass!

The final painted background for the Leopard target at Nationals!
Painted a sunset into a snowy scene for the Polar Bear background...
The final painted background for the Polar Bear at Nationals!
Bedded Sheep background painting!
Final painted background behind the Bedded Sheep at Nationals...

Some of the final photos I took during set up of the course with the painted backgrounds!  

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