Monday, March 16, 2015

Painting the Logo // Canadian Indoor 3D Championships

Like I've said in previous posts, our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club is hosting this year's Canadian Indoor 3D Championships in conjunction with Archery Canada.  Steve and I are a couple of the volunteers helping out with the event and one of the tasks we tackled was to paint the Nationals Logo onto an OSB board.  This board is going to be placed at the end of the practice range at Nationals in the main building.  

Here's some step by step photos of how Steve created the whole logo with spray paint and a LOT of painter's tape! :)  

The logo printed off to size... and a bunch of painters tape...
The first circle cut out of the painters tape...
Red paint is revealed and black paint is sprayed on...
Waiting for the black spray paint to dry...
Measuring out the lines around the Maple Leaf
Painting and taping off lines in the Maple Leaf
Painting and taping off lines in the Maple Leaf
Steve had a stencil cut out of cardstock at work - so he could trace and cut it out on the board
Steve cutting out everything in the skull and arrows that still need to be painted white.
The final parts that need to be painted white...
This is about the only step I "contributed" to... I wrote in the Semiahmoo Archers text with a sharpie! haha!
The finished product!

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