Thursday, April 23, 2015

String Making // DIY

If you follow me on instagram, (@ceciliaflaming) you may have already seen this photo, but just wanted to post something and say hi!  Steve and I are still busy practicing and shooting whenever we can.  The weather is getting nicer and nicer, so it's great to be able to head out to Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club's outdoor range whenever we have time! :)  

Here's an instagram shot of Steve making the cable string for his Mathews Conquest 4.  He's made quite a few strings already for our own bows and some friends and they have been turning out great!  

Steve Flaming making cable string for his Mathews Conquest 4 - using BCY X Royal Blue and OD Green string material (gonna look so pretty!) :) 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

BC Rod and Gun Show // Teaching Archery...

Over this weekend the BC Rod and Gun Show took place at the Cloverdale Agriplex in Surrey, BC.  Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club (our club!) helped out by volunteering along with Wholesale Sports for the archery 3D course to teach people how to shoot archery.  Steve and I were able to help out a bit on Friday and earlier this afternoon at the show!

I ended up confusing myself at first (when trying to demonstrate) because I'm a lefty and most of the people coming through were shooting right handed... but after sorting that out things ran pretty smoothly and I had a great time!  From what I remember, over 700 people came and tried out the 3D archery course... and a lot of them walked away really interested in archery!

Just some fun instagram shots from the weekend...

My Volunteer Pass for the BC Rod and Gun Show! (I felt really "official") :)
The mini 3D Course set up at the BC Rod and Gun Show... complete with trees!
Teaching archery...
Packing up at the end of the weekend - a deer in our truck! (we got a lot of funny looks driving back to the club) :)
a HUGE tank!  This was part of the Military Museum they had on display over the weekend.  Here they are driving it out to the truck to pack it up.  (this tank was also used for filming "The Interview" movie here in Vancouver!)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

BC Rod and Gun Show // Set Up

The BC Rod and Gun Show will be taking place this weekend (starting tomorrow!) at the Cloverdale Agriplex in Surrey, BC.  And one of the coolest things (at least from my perspective, haha) is that they will have a small 3D course set up for people to try out archery!

Steve and I will be volunteering here and there to help out (along with many other volunteers from our archery club, Semiahmoo Archers).  Anyone attending the BC Rod and Gun Show will have a chance to try out archery (and bring our their inner Katniss or Robin Hood) :) 

If you happen to live in BC and around town, come on out and you'll get a chance to learn how to shoot a bow and see how well you can score on one of the bear or deer targets that we've set up!
For more information, times and dates - check out the BC Rod and Gun Show's website HERE

Earlier this evening we were out at the Show Barn setting up the targets.  Here's a few photos from setting up - just gives you a bit of an idea of what it looks like, although it's not finished yet! (they're adding trees and plants tomorrow).

Truckload of Rinehart targets! :)
Kayla and Steve setting up the backstop behind the target...
Just a couple of the targets in the 3D Course...
Setting up at the BC Rod and Gun Show
PS.  If you want to come by and say hi - Steve and I should be there Friday evening and Sunday in the afternoon! :)  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot // Abbotsford Fish & Game Club

Yesterday we had the chance to shoot at Abbotsford Fish & Game Club, who held their annual Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot.  It was a two day shoot... but Steve and I were lazy Saturday and decided to stay home, sleep in, get some stuff done around the house and watch Furious 7 at the theatres. :)  (Sometimes you need a lazy day!)

Sunday we finally got our act together, got up early, grabbed our bows and picked up a friend, Andy, who also happened to have his birthday that day! (Happy Birthday Andy!).  We carpooled out to Abbotsford and after some coffee, I was ready to shoot.

This was my first time out at Abbotsford Fish & Game Club (Steve has shot there before) and it was a great course!  Very different from what we usually shoot at our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club, simply because this one is a 40 target course (twice as long) and it's a lot more up and down along the mountainside of the club's property.  Lots of hiking around and difficult shots where you feel like you are shooting straight up a hill!  :)  Definitely made it really challenging and a bit intimidating, but also rewarding when you ACTUALLY got a 10 or an X on the animal target!

If you ever get the chance to shoot at one of Abbotsford's 3D shoots, I would recommend you go... and bring extra arrows (just in case).  haha!  They did a great job setting up the course and hosting everyone!

Here's a few photos from our day out in Abbotsford - I had my tiny Sony point and shoot camera stashed away in my quiver - and actually remembered to take some shots!

Steve and Andy decided to try the Xtreme killshot on the Moose target for bonus points - I think it was around 70 yards away!
LEFT: Steve Flaming // RIGHT: Cecilia Flaming
Cecilia Flaming (Thanks to Steve for taking this pic!)
Andrew Uyeno
Steve and I both shoot Mathews Conquest 4 compound bows. LEFT PHOTO: I just got a new 5-pin micro adjust sight from Copper John! (Copper John Deadnuts 3 Mark III)
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Andrew Uyeno
View of the clubhouse from the 3D course
Cecilia Flaming
If you want to see more photos from our 3D Shoot - check out my instagram at - Here you will see some different photos in "real time" from archery, my every day life and other photography that I do!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Burnaby Flatfield 3D Shoot // April

Happy Easter!  

Today we had a busy jammed pack day filled with archery and then a family gathering for Easter.

We were able to spend the first half of our day our at the Burnaby Archery Range in Burnaby Lake Regional Park and shoot a couple rounds in their Flatfield 3D.  Steve and I didn't have our family gathering till later in the evening, so we made sure to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and enjoy the sunshine and "hunt" some 3D animal targets. :)

We have been to the Burnaby Flatfield 3D quite often over the past year - they host 3 in the beginning of the year and 3 near the end at their range, so it's been great being able to attend and get to know a lot of their club members and shoot with them! 
Glimpse of the Burnaby Archery Range // Lots of archers came out to enjoy the sunshine!
Some of the animal 3D targets we "hunted" :)
I ended up getting 1st place at today's Flatfield 3D in my category! (Compound Fixed Pins).  I think this is one of the first times ever for me at Burnaby :)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! 

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and taking time to celebrate Easter with family and friends.  

We've already had one family gathering and looking forward to one more this evening... meanwhile Steve and I are just getting ready to head out to Burnaby to a Flatfield 3D shoot in the lovely sunshine this morning!