Sunday, April 19, 2015

BC Rod and Gun Show // Teaching Archery...

Over this weekend the BC Rod and Gun Show took place at the Cloverdale Agriplex in Surrey, BC.  Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club (our club!) helped out by volunteering along with Wholesale Sports for the archery 3D course to teach people how to shoot archery.  Steve and I were able to help out a bit on Friday and earlier this afternoon at the show!

I ended up confusing myself at first (when trying to demonstrate) because I'm a lefty and most of the people coming through were shooting right handed... but after sorting that out things ran pretty smoothly and I had a great time!  From what I remember, over 700 people came and tried out the 3D archery course... and a lot of them walked away really interested in archery!

Just some fun instagram shots from the weekend...

My Volunteer Pass for the BC Rod and Gun Show! (I felt really "official") :)
The mini 3D Course set up at the BC Rod and Gun Show... complete with trees!
Teaching archery...
Packing up at the end of the weekend - a deer in our truck! (we got a lot of funny looks driving back to the club) :)
a HUGE tank!  This was part of the Military Museum they had on display over the weekend.  Here they are driving it out to the truck to pack it up.  (this tank was also used for filming "The Interview" movie here in Vancouver!)

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