Monday, April 13, 2015

Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot // Abbotsford Fish & Game Club

Yesterday we had the chance to shoot at Abbotsford Fish & Game Club, who held their annual Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot.  It was a two day shoot... but Steve and I were lazy Saturday and decided to stay home, sleep in, get some stuff done around the house and watch Furious 7 at the theatres. :)  (Sometimes you need a lazy day!)

Sunday we finally got our act together, got up early, grabbed our bows and picked up a friend, Andy, who also happened to have his birthday that day! (Happy Birthday Andy!).  We carpooled out to Abbotsford and after some coffee, I was ready to shoot.

This was my first time out at Abbotsford Fish & Game Club (Steve has shot there before) and it was a great course!  Very different from what we usually shoot at our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club, simply because this one is a 40 target course (twice as long) and it's a lot more up and down along the mountainside of the club's property.  Lots of hiking around and difficult shots where you feel like you are shooting straight up a hill!  :)  Definitely made it really challenging and a bit intimidating, but also rewarding when you ACTUALLY got a 10 or an X on the animal target!

If you ever get the chance to shoot at one of Abbotsford's 3D shoots, I would recommend you go... and bring extra arrows (just in case).  haha!  They did a great job setting up the course and hosting everyone!

Here's a few photos from our day out in Abbotsford - I had my tiny Sony point and shoot camera stashed away in my quiver - and actually remembered to take some shots!

Steve and Andy decided to try the Xtreme killshot on the Moose target for bonus points - I think it was around 70 yards away!
LEFT: Steve Flaming // RIGHT: Cecilia Flaming
Cecilia Flaming (Thanks to Steve for taking this pic!)
Andrew Uyeno
Steve and I both shoot Mathews Conquest 4 compound bows. LEFT PHOTO: I just got a new 5-pin micro adjust sight from Copper John! (Copper John Deadnuts 3 Mark III)
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Andrew Uyeno
View of the clubhouse from the 3D course
Cecilia Flaming
If you want to see more photos from our 3D Shoot - check out my instagram at - Here you will see some different photos in "real time" from archery, my every day life and other photography that I do!

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