Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Long Weekend // Practice

This past weekend was a long weekend here in British Columbia (Monday was Victoria Day) so Steve and I managed to get some archery practice in the middle of a busy weekend full of errands, movies, visiting with friends and photo sessions! (I'm also a photographer - check out for the latest photography posts!).

We spent the last couple hours of sunlight on Saturday evening at the outdoor range at our club (Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club) and then headed inside to practice shooting 20 yards in the indoor range.

Hope everyone had a great May Long Weekend!  The weather was UNREAL... and I hope the sun decides to stick around for a while (we don't need any rain... it rains too much in BC) haha.

Steve Flaming (practicing at Semiahmoo's outdoor range)
Last bit of sunlight at Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club
Steve Flaming - Mathews Conquest 4 bow
Steve practicing in background...
Cecilia Flaming - Mathews Apex 7 bow

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mathews Apex 7 // "New" Used Bow

I have been looking around for a used hunting bow for this fall and came across a great deal on a bow that is not-whatsoever-a-hunting-bow.... but so-good-a-deal that we now have a Mathews Apex 7.  Steve and I hummed and haaawed for a few days, and then contacted the seller again and he was willing to go down in price...  it also came with a lot of "extras" that we were really interested in and could use, and for that deal we couldn't pass it up - the accessories that came with the bow were worth more than what we paid for it all!

We may end up selling this bow after a while... it is a nice one!!! But I'm still in love with my Conquest 4 for target shooting.  It's staying for now... something fun to try out, and maybe if I love it I'll have to take it hunting! lol.

Steve already nabbed the Shrewd sidebar mount for his bow, but I'll most likely keep the SURE-LOC sight and AAE Pro Blade rest on it... just to test them out and see how they differ from the gear I currently use.  Looking forward to shooting it over the weekend!

Anyone else ever shoot or own a Mathews Apex 7?  How did you like it?  Would love to hear your feedback on the bow... (pros/cons, what you liked about it).

Mathews Apex 7
Mathews Apex 7 Limbs
SURE-LOC Sight w/ CBE Scope

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Shoot for the Cure - Day 2 // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

Yesterday was Day 2 of the 3D Shoot for the Cure at our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club.  We had even more people show up than Saturday and the sunshine decided to join us again as well!  Again we had the chance to shoot with a bunch of friends and club members and had a great time.  And when you thought Saturday (Day 1) was a challenge... Day 2 was even harder! :)  A couple of our club members switched up parts of the course and quartered some of the animals so that the course wasn't the same as the day before! :)

I didn't take many photos... (forgot I even had my camera in my quiver!) but here's a few from our Sunday afternoon during our second round!

Steve Flaming
a bunch of pretty bows... 
L to R: Cecilia, Rick, Max
Steve Flaming
Max Roe
Cecilia Flaming
LEFT: Rick
RIGHT: Max watching as George shoots

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shoot for the Cure - Day 1 // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

Yesterday (Saturday) was Day 1 of Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club's annual "Shoot for the Cure" 3D.  We had a great turn out of archers and the weather was perfect (not too hot, and not cold!).  I found the 3D course pretty challenging... it had a lot of further shots and the bush tends to make a "tunnel effect" so it can really trick you in judging the yardage! :)  You could tell that it was more challenging than usual by looking at everyone's scores... but that's what made it so much fun! (until you break or lose an arrow... haha!)

We're just finishing breakfast and then heading back out to the club for Day 2!  Here's photos from our adventures yesterday!

Bryn shooting her Barnett crossbow at the Moose target!
LEFT: Michael taking his turn to shoot!
RIGHT: Steve Flaming scoping out the next target...
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
(I look mad! yikes...)
LEFT: Our Mathews Conquest 4 bows! (Matchy-matchy) :)
RIGHT: Remi was in our group for the morning's round!
Day 1 - placed 1st in Senior Ladies Compound Fixed Pins!
Cecilia Flaming
Later that evening, our club had a potluck dinner at the club and some of our members even camped overnight in their trailers and tents!  It was great getting the chance to visit, have dinner with a bunch of friends and later sit around a huge campfire.  

Some guys from our club decided to try an "extreme" shot from just outside the doors of the clubhouse shooting at the Moose target out in the field - I believe it was around 121 yards away!  Only one person actually hit the moose (in the leg!)  but it was entertaining either way...

Moose target that everyone is shooting at out in the field!
Since a lot of the club members who volunteered and helped set up the course were there in the evening and camping overnight, we had a fun late night 3D shoot! (this wasn't really an "official" shoot... just a perk for being a member and volunteering!).  The night 3D shoot was a BLAST.  Same course as during the day... only in the dark.  We started out with 13 people and after a few targets some were tired and went to bed.  Just after midnight we finished the course with a few people left.

Steve and I walked around the course before the sun set and "decorated" each target with glow stick rings around the vitals so we would have something to "aim" at!  

After a couple hours sitting around the campfire that evening, a bunch of us geared up with our bows and headlamps and headed out on the trail to shoot!  Here's a couple photos... it was dark and my iPhone isn't the best quality... but you get the idea...

The Moose target at night... I was the only one to hit the 11 points (bullseye!) out of 13 archers... and the only girl! :)
Cecilia Flaming - Decked out with my Petzl headlamp, Mathews Conquest 4 and Black Eagle Arrows!
Matchy-Matchy in the dark... Mathews Conquest 4 bows... complete with "glowstick" accessory :)
Steve Flaming
LEFT: What you mainly saw most of the night... headlamps and lit up sights!
RIGHT: Jerrad and Michael

I'll post up photos from later today (Day 2) either this evening or tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned...