Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mathews Apex 7 // "New" Used Bow

I have been looking around for a used hunting bow for this fall and came across a great deal on a bow that is not-whatsoever-a-hunting-bow.... but so-good-a-deal that we now have a Mathews Apex 7.  Steve and I hummed and haaawed for a few days, and then contacted the seller again and he was willing to go down in price...  it also came with a lot of "extras" that we were really interested in and could use, and for that deal we couldn't pass it up - the accessories that came with the bow were worth more than what we paid for it all!

We may end up selling this bow after a while... it is a nice one!!! But I'm still in love with my Conquest 4 for target shooting.  It's staying for now... something fun to try out, and maybe if I love it I'll have to take it hunting! lol.

Steve already nabbed the Shrewd sidebar mount for his bow, but I'll most likely keep the SURE-LOC sight and AAE Pro Blade rest on it... just to test them out and see how they differ from the gear I currently use.  Looking forward to shooting it over the weekend!

Anyone else ever shoot or own a Mathews Apex 7?  How did you like it?  Would love to hear your feedback on the bow... (pros/cons, what you liked about it).

Mathews Apex 7
Mathews Apex 7 Limbs
SURE-LOC Sight w/ CBE Scope

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