Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Long Weekend // Practice

This past weekend was a long weekend here in British Columbia (Monday was Victoria Day) so Steve and I managed to get some archery practice in the middle of a busy weekend full of errands, movies, visiting with friends and photo sessions! (I'm also a photographer - check out for the latest photography posts!).

We spent the last couple hours of sunlight on Saturday evening at the outdoor range at our club (Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club) and then headed inside to practice shooting 20 yards in the indoor range.

Hope everyone had a great May Long Weekend!  The weather was UNREAL... and I hope the sun decides to stick around for a while (we don't need any rain... it rains too much in BC) haha.

Steve Flaming (practicing at Semiahmoo's outdoor range)
Last bit of sunlight at Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club
Steve Flaming - Mathews Conquest 4 bow
Steve practicing in background...
Cecilia Flaming - Mathews Apex 7 bow

All of these photos are from my instagram feed!  You can follow me at

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