Friday, June 5, 2015

Black Eagle Arrows // Pro Staff

Sometimes it's the littlest things that get me really excited.... For example, I was browsing Black Eagle Arrows' newly redesigned website this afternoon and realized my photo is up on their Pro & Field Staff page!  Haha... yes, seriously...this is what got me excited and basically made my day - I took a screen shot and texted my husband Steve "CHECK THIS OUT! I'm on their website!!!"

Here's my screen capture proof... (Because sooner or later I'm probably going to be further down the page in the collage of awesome archers... haha).   

I'm extremely honored & excited to be shooting for Black Eagle Arrows.  They are an awesome company and seriously have high standards for their arrows.  I love my Outlaws and  PS23's.  Not going to bash another arrow company... but compared to what I was shooting last year I really can tell the difference.  Their arrows are high quality, durable and precise.  

Make sure you check out Black Eagle Arrows' newly redesigned website! (Visit it HERE) and check out the awesome arrows they sell along with some pretty sweet gear! (Love their hats and shirts!).


See below... second from the top left!  haha...

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