Monday, June 15, 2015

Hunter Classic 3D // Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got outside to enjoy the sunshine. Yesterday Steve and I had the chance to shoot with some friends at Ridgedale's Hunter Classic 3D Shoot!  We headed out to Abbotsford with our friend Andy and met up with a bunch of other archers that we know to tackle the 40 target course along the mountainside and trails at Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club.

Now Ridgedale's course is one of the tougher ones in the Lower Mainland (area of BC).  It was also hunter scoring where the vitals are worth 10 points, but anywhere else on the body is negative -5.  We still managed to have a blast.  I almost forgot I had my camera in my quiver... so I have a few shots from the end of the day.

Steve tied for 4th place in his category (Mens Compound Fixed) and I was lucky enough to walk away with a 1st place ribbon in Ladies Compound Fixed!  It was definitely a tough course with a lot of steep angled shots... something that we're not as used too over at our club's 3D shoots, but I loved the challenge!  Big thanks to Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club for hosting a great 3D shoot and we appreciated all of the hard work they put into setting up the course!  It was a challenge and hopefully good practice for all of us that are heading off to Logan Lake next weekend for their 2 day 3D!  (Can't wait!)

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