Monday, July 13, 2015

3D Fun Shoot // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

Our club, Semiahmoo Archers, hosted our July 3D Fun Shoot yesterday!  It was a tricky and challenging course, but we still had a blast.  A few of the guys from our club got together Saturday morning and created a pretty tough course for everyone to shoot.  It was great though - I'm pretty sure everyone still had fun even though no one ended up shooting a perfect round (but that means it's a good course right?  Can't have it too easy!)

Here's a few photos from one of our rounds in the morning.  I keep forgetting that I have my tiny Sony camera in my quiver so I only managed to take a handful of photos.  
Tough Course... that's all I can say! :)
Paul, Kayla and Ken
(had a lot of fun shooting with these 3 in the morning!)
Steve Flaming (shooting)
Kayla Primor
Paul Van Tassel (shooting)
Ken Mason (shooting)
Cecilia Flaming
(thanks to Steve for taking this photo!)
Steve Flaming
July 12, 2015

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