Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hunter Scoring 3D Shoot // Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club

This past weekend our club, Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club, hosted a Hunter Scoring 3D Fun Shoot!
If you're not sure what the difference is between a regular 3D fun shoot and a hunter scoring 3D shoot is - basically it's how you score your points!

Hunter scoring is a bit more realistic like you were actually hunting.  If you hit the animal anywhere in the vitals on the target you've shot a 10.  But.... if you shoot anywhere else on the body outside of vitals you've shot a -5.  (So you can actually get a negative score! yikes!).

Our club also set up Rinehart targets of animals that you would normally hunt/find in BC... so there were a lot of bears, deer and turkey! :)  We even had to shoot off a platform at an elk and from inside a hunting blind at turkeys.

I'm posting these photos a little later than usual... the weekend got really busy (Steve's birthday was also in the mix of it all!) and the day after we were running around in the States and getting errands done.  I didn't end up downloading the photos from my camera till last night and then spent some time sorting through them.

Hope everyone who came out had a blast!  The group we shot with are always fun to spend time with - we met up early in the morning, had some breakfast and then headed out for our first round.  You might notice that we're all wearing pins on our hats or shirts.  (They're of Orlando Bloom / Pirates of the Caribbean!).  To sum it up - at our last 3D shoot we came across an Orlando Bloom beach towel and it ended up being sort of our good luck charm for the day - so since the last 3D shoot it's been a regular topic about being on "Team Orlando" and we wore these pins this time around for good luck.  And I think it worked - we all did quite well! haha... Curious - does anyone else have their "good luck charm" or something fun they wear/bring to every 3D shoot?  I've noticed here and there different tokens and pins on quivers and hats...

So finally, here are some photos - they're from my point and shoot camera that I realize now needs to be retired!  (it was really slow and photos aren't turning out as great anymore...)

Steve Flaming
Ken Mason
Cecilia Flaming
Archers waiting their turn while we pull arrows :)
Bunch of bows!
Cecilia Flaming
Paul Van Tassel
LEFT: Steve with his Hello Kitty! (got it for his birthday from Amilya)
RIGHT: Shooting off the bridge!
Steve Flaming
Paul Van Tassel
Ken Mason
Paul shooting from inside the blind!
LEFT: Cecilia shooting from inside the blind (not really a hunting bow, eh?)
RIGHT: Steve shooting from inside the blind
LEFT: Amilya
RIGHT: Kayla Primor
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
LEFT: Cecilia Flaming
RIGHT: Steve Flaming
LEFT: Paul Van Tassel
RIGHT: Ken Mason
Paul Van Tassel
Andy Uyeno
Steve received a coke with his name on it and Hello Kitty for his birthday from Kayla, Wyatt and Amilya!
Wyatt shooting, Kayla watching
Kayla Primor
Meat BBQing in the afternoon for the club dinner later that evening!  Looks good!
Gus... sun tanning.
Bill shooting off the deck of the clubhouse for a shoot off!
Franco shooting off the deck for the shoot off!
Steve and I had a blast shooting with everyone in our group as usual... :)  Thanks to Paul, Ken, Kayla, Wyatt, Amilya and Andy for dealing with us all day. Haha!

In the end most of us placed in our categories and received ribbons!  (and we also did pretty well with door prizes!)

PS.  If you live in or near the Surrey, BC area and are interested in archery or checking out our club, Semiahmoo Archers - check us out on Facebook HERE or find more information on our website HERE!

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