Thursday, August 13, 2015

New String...

Last week Steve (my husband) made a new set of strings for my Mathews Conquest 4.  I decided to go with all florescent green - everything, from the cable, the string and the serving! :) The one part that isn't flo. green is the d-loop... not by choice, just that we didn't have any. :)

Here's a couple instagram shots I took during the process.  (you may have seen them already on instagram - follow me at @CeciliaFlaming).  Steve used BCY X 1/8 lb. bow string material and  BCY 2X End serving material to make the cable and string for my Mathews Conquest 4.

LEFT: the String almost ready!
RIGHT: starting out to make the cable.
And here's the finished product! 
Looks great (really bright!) and just finished paper tuning and sighting in my bow so I'm ready for this weekend's 3D Shoot.

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