Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hoyt Contender Elite // "New" Used Bow

Steve recently purchased a used 2010 Hoyt Contender Elite through Archery Talk. (Check it out if you haven't heard about it yet!)  Once again, we have been looking for a used hunting bow and found a target bow that he really didn't want to pass up.  With both of us being left-handed, we have a bit of a trouble sometimes finding exactly what we want and sometimes find a great deal (like our Apex), haha. :)   

The seller shipped the bow to us in pieces to save on shipping costs, so before putting the bow back together I tried to get creative and took this photo below.  (Some of you may know, but I'm also a photographer!  You can check out the latest weddings & shoots of mine at ceciliaflamingblog.com).  

I love taking detail shots, and this kind of reminded me of some of the shots I take during getting ready photos at at a wedding! Haha!  I must be in wedding season withdrawl (it tends to slow down this time of the year in British Columbia).  If my weekend isn't busy with archery, a 3D shoot or camping, I'm most likely photographing a wedding! :)

Well, back to the bow.  Turns out Steve hasn't been able to find any cams for his draw length yet... (PS... if anyone has any leads on cams for 31" DL, give me a shout!)... but we do have cams for me to be able to shoot it.  So I'm the lucky one that gets to try out the bow first! (haha!).  It's the first Hoyt to enter our household. 
So far we've shot Bear, PSE and Mathews compound bows... so it will be interesting to see how it compares.  I'll let you know what I think after I've shot it a while.  I'll try and snap some interesting pics along the way.

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