Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Long Weekend // Practice

This past long weekend we ended up staying home (instead of camping/hunting).  With work and other commitments, it didn't quite work out for us to get away, but we did manage to enjoy the weekend, relax and squeezed in some practice time at the outdoor range.

I though my search for a hunting bow was done... but it ended in failure this past week. :)  I thought I had found one ready to go with the correct draw length and poundage... only to find that I was shipped one that was 60-70 pounds... and not 50-60.  Yikes! :)  Looks like the seller didn't really know the actual poundage of his bow and even after double checking and confirming, he unfortunately was incorrect.  So the bow won't work out for me.  (But Steve had some fun playing around with it!  Apparently it's wicked fast and a bit scary. haha).

PS.  If you are ever selling a bow online - make sure you know all the specs and that they are correct! (to avoid my situation).  If you're not sure, take it to a local bow shop and they'll help you figure out exactly what the specs are (#'s and DL).  The more information you know, the easier time you'll have selling the bow and less hassle for the buyer should it arrive not as expected.  And if you're a buyer - one key thing is to ask for photos of the limbs, cams and stickers... that way you start to have an idea of #'s and DL just incase!  :)  

Meanwhile... my husband, Steve set up his Bowtech S.W.A.T. for me!  He brought down the poundage, shortened the draw length and I was able to practice with a "hunting" set up over the weekend so I can get used to shooting a shorter stabilizer and using a wrist release.  

Here's some photos of us practicing.  Steve's shooting his Mathews Conquest 4 (target bow) and I'm shooting Steve's (temporarily mine?) Bowtech S.W.A.T.

Steve Flaming - Mathews Conquest 4
Cecilia Flaming - Bowtech S.W.A.T.
Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club's outdoor archery range
Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming
All photos taken with Nikon COOLPIX AW130

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