Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Morning Practice // Semiahmoo Archers

It's officially become that time of the year where it's too cold to shoot outside for long periods of time without freezing so we've moved indoors for practice.  This morning we started off our day shooting a 600 with other club members from Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club and I was actually a bit tired afterwards! :)  (I'm not used to target indoors from shooting all of the 3D shoots lately!).  It's good... and needed!  Steve and I are excited to start off the new year again with the mail match (Archery Canada) and then heading to the Vegas Shoot at the end of January!  So any chance that we can get to practice, we are there!

Here's what our morning looked like... :)

Oh... and by the way... ONLY 70 DAYS TILL VEGAS! :)
#vegasshoot2016 #countdown2vegas

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Burnaby Flatfield 3D Shoot // November

Yesterday was Burnaby's last flatfield 3D shoot for 2015 and the weather was great!  We've had nothing but rain lately, but the sun came out all day... although it was quite windy and still a bit COLD. :)

Steve and I arrived and were in one of the first groups to start off on the line.  The last two months I have been shooting and practicing with my Bowtech SWAT... and I only swapped back to my Mathews Conquest 4 a couple weeks ago.  It felt a bit "off" at first, but in the end I ended up shooting my best round (from past times at Burnaby's field)!  We ended off the day with higher than usual scores... Steve coming in 3rd in his class (Compound Fixed Pins) and I actually placed 1st!  (Compound Fixed Pins).  Super excited... because I didn't feel like I was doing so well by the second round, but it was a ton of fun... and that's all that matters, right?  :)

Our group was on a roll... after lunch for our second round on the 1st target we all shot X's (worth 11 points) and my arrow was eaten up!  Andrew in our group got a robin hood on the first target!  (great shooting!).  You'll see a couple photos of the carnage... haha!

Big thanks to Burnaby Archers for organizing, setting up and hosting the 3D shoot!  Here's a few photos from yesterday...

Steve Flaming - Mathews Conqust 4
Burnaby's Flatfield 3D Course
Ouch!  My arrow was EATEN up by another!  Great shooting and an AWESOME Robinhood by Andrew
Another view of the robinhood!
Cecilia Flaming - Mathews Conquest 4
A pair of Mathews Conquest 4 bows. :) 
Cecilia Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming
Steve and Andrew up at the line shooting!
Mathews Conquest 4
some of our "spectators" :)
We were lucky enought to BOTH walk away with ribbons!
1st for Cecilia
3rd for Steve
Managed to get 1st place in Ladies Compound Fixed Pins!
BIG THANKS to Black Eagle Arrows for making awesome arrows! 
All photos taken with Nikon COOLPIX AW130

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hunting Trip // October

Just over a week ago, Steve and I had the chance to go on a hunting trip with my Dad.  My Dad has been hunting for years, so we were happy to have an expert who could show us the ropes and give advice.

We headed out to the Princeton, BC area and followed my Dad in on a gravel logging road for a while before we found a spot to set up camp.

I know this post isn't entirely about archery, but I wanted to share some photos from our trip anyways.  I did bring my hunting bow along (Bowtech SWAT), but it wasn't only bow season - it was open for rifle too.  Just incase we happen to get close enough to anything, but the deer were a lot more cautious than in September and usually further away.

We saw a LOT of mule does over the weekend... searching for a young mulie buck was starting to get challenging, until the very last morning of our trip.  We found one early in the morning and Steve was able to harvest his first deer (with 300 WSM).  My Dad was able to show us how to properly gut, clean and prepare the deer (which is sooooo helpful when you are new to hunting!) and we now have some amazing meat at the butcher (can't wait to try some deer smokies!).

I understand hunting isn't everyone's thing and not everyone likes it.  I'm not here to convince you to like it or argue about it.  I grew up in a hunting/fishing family, so I am used to it - but I do understand how some people may not understand or be comfortable with hunting, especially if you aren't familiar with it or haven't grown up hunting, camping and fishing.  Steve didn't grow up hunting - so it's new to him.  We were both excited to get a deer that will fill our freezer - it's organic and great quality meat.  It's a blessing to be able to stock our freezer with the meat.  (it saves us a lot of money in the long run too).  So if you don't agree, or dislike hunting please don't look through these photos. Archery, hunting, camping and being outdoors are a big part of our lives and that is the type of content that will be shared on this blog.

These photos are memories of ours... especially since it was Steve's first deer ever!  I hope you can enjoy looking through some of them.

Big thank you to my Dad for taking us hunting, setting up camp, helping us with target practice and taking us out road hunting to find the right deer!

"Deer Camp"
Camp all set up for the next few days!
Our tent all set up... it wasn't this clean after day 1.
Cecilia Flaming
Mule Deer (Does) walking along the ridge
One of the many gorgeous sunrises
Steve Flaming - discovering the "Moose Swamp"
Cecilia Flaming - taking in the view...
Road hunting early in the morning with my Dad!
One of our many selfies (Steve & Cecilia Flaming)
Target practicing with the 22.
Results from target practice...
Panoramic view!
Brought along my Bowtech SWAT to practice!
Current Hunting Bow Set up:
- Bowtech SWAT
- TRU Ball Assassin Release
- Black Eagle Arrows - Outlaws
- Muzzy Broadheads (Just for Does Pink Edition!)
Cecilia Flaming - shooting my Bowtech SWAT!
Cecilia Flaming - shooting Bowtech SWAT with Black Eagle Arrows (Outlaws) and Just for Does Muzzy Broadheads)
Archery Practice... hunting boxes!
Back at camp...
Another one of the many Mule deer does we saw over the weekend!
Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming - and his FIRST deer ever!!! 
Mule Deer - young buck!
My Dad showing Steve how to clean the deer... (won't show the gross photos!)

Here's a video from one of our mornings watching a group of mule deer does walking along a ridge... not the greatest quality once uploaded, but just for fun...

All photos taken with Nikon COOLPIX AW130