Monday, November 16, 2015

Burnaby Flatfield 3D Shoot // November

Yesterday was Burnaby's last flatfield 3D shoot for 2015 and the weather was great!  We've had nothing but rain lately, but the sun came out all day... although it was quite windy and still a bit COLD. :)

Steve and I arrived and were in one of the first groups to start off on the line.  The last two months I have been shooting and practicing with my Bowtech SWAT... and I only swapped back to my Mathews Conquest 4 a couple weeks ago.  It felt a bit "off" at first, but in the end I ended up shooting my best round (from past times at Burnaby's field)!  We ended off the day with higher than usual scores... Steve coming in 3rd in his class (Compound Fixed Pins) and I actually placed 1st!  (Compound Fixed Pins).  Super excited... because I didn't feel like I was doing so well by the second round, but it was a ton of fun... and that's all that matters, right?  :)

Our group was on a roll... after lunch for our second round on the 1st target we all shot X's (worth 11 points) and my arrow was eaten up!  Andrew in our group got a robin hood on the first target!  (great shooting!).  You'll see a couple photos of the carnage... haha!

Big thanks to Burnaby Archers for organizing, setting up and hosting the 3D shoot!  Here's a few photos from yesterday...

Steve Flaming - Mathews Conqust 4
Burnaby's Flatfield 3D Course
Ouch!  My arrow was EATEN up by another!  Great shooting and an AWESOME Robinhood by Andrew
Another view of the robinhood!
Cecilia Flaming - Mathews Conquest 4
A pair of Mathews Conquest 4 bows. :) 
Cecilia Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Steve Flaming
Steve Flaming
Steve and Andrew up at the line shooting!
Mathews Conquest 4
some of our "spectators" :)
We were lucky enought to BOTH walk away with ribbons!
1st for Cecilia
3rd for Steve
Managed to get 1st place in Ladies Compound Fixed Pins!
BIG THANKS to Black Eagle Arrows for making awesome arrows! 
All photos taken with Nikon COOLPIX AW130

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