Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back from BC Provincial Championships!

Just wanted to say a quick HELLO and give a brief update of what we have both been up to!  Steve and I have been busy the past few weekend at various 3D shoots and this past weekend we competed in the 2016 BC Provincial Championships!  We arrived back in town Monday morning, at 2am after driving most of the night from Prince George... and a weekend full of shooting in some rather challenging 3D courses!

It was overall a great weekend... was able to shoot with friends and meet new archers from around BC.  The first day was a bit discouraging... I (Cecilia) found the course pretty tough and I was making dumb mistakes in judging distance, even missing targets!  (yikes!!!)  It felt like I was back at my first 3D shoot... and the score reflected it.  After Day 1 I felt burnt out from the past few weekends of shooting in 3D's and figured that was affecting my shooting...

Shockingly enough I ended Day 1 ranked in FIRST PLACE (What???).  In the lead by only 2 points... but that made me realize that EVERYONE had a tough first day and it wasn't just me who found the courses challenging.  Big props to the Silvertip Archers for hosting and designing a challenging course!  Steve ended off the day ranked in 3rd in Compound Fixed Pins.

Here are some photos from Day 1!  We shot with a great group of archers... Paul Van Tassel, Glen Shaw and Angela Hay. :)

Steve and Paul at the practice range... 
L: Steve shooting from the platform
R: Paul shooting from the platform
Cecilia shooting from the platform!
Steve Flaming
Cecilia Flaming
Angela Hay 
Cecilia Flaming
Paul Van Tassel
Glen Shaw

Day 2 we were flighted into groups with similar scoring and in our categories.  I had the honor of shooting in a wonderful group of ladies! (Mary, Kara, Jocelyn and Joelle!)  Even a couple familiar faces from Nationals earlier this year. :)  We all had a better day and scores were higher...  The atmosphere definitely changed and we had a blast shooting throughout the day.

Photos from Day 2:
Day 2 - Morning meeting... 
X marks the spot with the Black Eagle Arrow Carnivores!
Kara Tibbel
Joelle Thurow
Cecilia Flaming
Jocelyn Peel
L: Mary Thurow, R: Joelle Thurow
L: Cecilia Flaming
R: Kara Tibbel
Another X with the Carnivores from Black Eagle Arrows!

It was such a big turnaround from Day 1... and I learned a lesson this past weekend to not get so discouraged when you have an "off" day... Keep focusing on the next shot, the next day... we will all have tough days and rounds.

Steve and I ended off pretty well in our categories... I ended up getting GOLD (1st place!) in Ladies Compound Fixed Pins and Steve placed 4th in Mens Compound Fixed Pins!!!

Gold medal from BC Provincial Championships!
Big thanks to Black Eagle Arrows for the AWESOME Carnivores that I shot all weekend... they definitely did the job and nailed the X!

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